About Me


Hello, I am Elena Pinetti, postdoc at Fermilab (USA). My research field is Theoretical Astroparticle Physics and, in particular, Dark Matter searches. I earned my doctorate degree with distinction in a joint-program between the University of Turin (Italy) and Sorbonne University (France). The titles of my PhD thesis is “From gamma rays to radio waves: dark matter searches across the spectrum” and focuses on multi-messenger searches of dark matter particles with different wavelength (gamma rays, X rays, radio waves) in multiple environments (galactic, extragalactic, inter-cluster filaments). I am also involved in events of science communication addressed both to high school students and to the general public.

In my free time I am the President and co-founder of Soroptimist Milano Net Lead, a national network of 40 young women focused on female empowerment and education on gender equality.